Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vehement Flame #1

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Show notes and playlist

You can't get the Sensations of Tone CD anywhere, even from the various MP3 sites. You can get the song Soma Holiday from Amazon, which is a good one as well. shhhh - use Google and perhaps a torrent of info will show up for you...
00:16 Angelica In Delerium by G.O.L. (Sensations of Tone 1995)

Check out the Broken Bells (Deluxe Limited Edition) package - sweet!
08:11 October by Broken Bells (Broken Bells 2010)
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The One Life Stand [Vinyl] CD has a few other pretty good cuts, although this is, by far, my favorite.
10:04 Hand Me Down Your Love by Hot Chip (One Life Stand 2010)
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If you were lucky, you went to your local independent record store and got a copy of the Coachella 2010 sampler CD, that has this song and many others on it.
16:19 Heaven Can Wait by Charlotte Gainsbourg (IRM 2010)
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In case you're wondering, horchata is a cool milky drink found in Latin American countries. I haven't tried it yet, but I hope to now!
20:01 Horchata by Vampire Weekend (Contra 2010)
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There are plenty of great cuts on The Best of Strange Cargos, including a lovely cover of The Psychedelic Furs Love My Way.
23:27 Water From A Vine Leaf by William Orbit (Strange Cargos : The Best of William Orbit 1996)
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You used to be able to get Beat Hotel/Numbers with Wings, the first 2 Bongos releases, on a double CD, but nowadays those are tough to come by.
30:19 Numbers With Wings by The Bongos (Numbers With Wings 1983)
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Maybe someday I'll play the nearly 10 minute, Uncertain Smile 12" Remix, although I wish there were more piano on it! A great song for air piano...
34:25 Uncertain Smile by The The (Soul Mining 1983)
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My favorite song on this disc is the intense Love Is A Wind That Screams.
41:23 Numbers With Wings by Richard Barone (Cool Blue Halo 1987)
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The original, which is found on Batten The Hatches, is also very good.
46:08 Fuck Was I (Morgan Page Remix) by Jenny Owen Youngs (Elevate 2008)
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Someday soon, perhaps The Beatles will be found on more MP3 sites...
52:43 Help! by The Beatles (Help! 1965)
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The Scissor Sisters are perhaps more well known for their wild take on Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb.
55:43 Take Your Mama by Scissor Sisters (Scissor Sisters 2004)
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