Monday, April 29, 2019

Dido - Give You Up

Dido, the former lead singer of Faithless, has come out with her first album in 6 years, Still On My Mind and wow, is it fantastic! An ethereal yet powerful voice, she strings together some great melodies with deeply felt lyrics. All the songs seem to tell a personal story. It has quickly found a place on my repeat listening for 2019. Wonder if I can get my act together enough to catch her at the House of Blues in June?
Hard to pick just one song, so I will toss a few out there for you.
First up is Hurricanes, where she sings about facing up to a storm of feelings:

But I think if I had to pick one song, and that’s the one that goes on my favorite singles so far of 2019, it would have to be Give You Up, another song about emotions. In some ways it echos the fantastic 10cc song, I’m Not In Love, with lyrics like:
Got your picture covering up the cracks on the wall 
But the lines won’t fade
Didn’t think that I would be missing you at all 
Maybe that was my mistake