Wednesday, December 22, 2010

East River Pipe

East River Pipe is the name of Queens, NY resident singer/songwriter F.M. Cornog's project and there hasn't been a cut from there in a while. Looks like Merge Records will be bringing out his next one, We Live In Rented Rooms, in February 2011. Here's an early release from it:

Cold Ground

I've had East River Pipe on my "To Buy" list for quite some time. Here's a few other cuts from some previous releases:

King Of Nothing Never (The Gasoline Age 1999)
I Bought A Gun In Irvington (Garbageheads on Endless Stun 2003)
What Does T.S. Eliot Know About You? (What Are You On? 2006)

And here's a video from his first album, Shining Hours In A Can:

Helmet On

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