Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wendy James

Wendy James, the front woman for the Transvision Vamps, a popular pop/punk group from the early 90s(!), recently came out with a new album, I Came Here To Blow Minds. And it's a great one! Here is the cut that first came to my attention:

Wendy James - You Tell Me

And here's the title cut from the album:

I Came Here To Blow Minds


  1. Apart from the actual fact the band was called..


    (who existed from 1986-1991)

    And Wendy has brought out 3 previous "solo" albums.


    and released her "new" album in OCTOBER 2010 on iTunes.

    where she actually WROTE one of the 2 reviews on there herself.

    (uglydog15 is in fact WENDY JAMES herself thus she cannot "like" her own review..)

    Then on cd in APRIL 2011.

    (neither of which is "recently" seeing as this is JULY..)

    Yep....August 2010 and it goes further back in reality.

    You have all your FACTS right.

    You obviously know what you are talking about.

    Thus the feedback you have gotten so far about this subject.

    Still if you think it helps..

    Then knock yourself out.

    See ya

    D R Y B A B Y

  2. Thanks for the correction on the band name. And for me, April is recent!