Monday, March 13, 2017

2016 Favorite Albums: Opus by Eric Prydz

I am a pretty big electronica fan, although much of it can sound awfully same-y sometimes. So I really appreciate an artist that can put on an album of electronica that really shows a wide variety of sounds without getting too repetitive. And Eric Prydz, a Swedish DJ who had released a lot of singles under various other names, hit a home run with his debut double CD Opus. The 19 tracks show an astonishing range of music, from pulsing, lo-fi to some really nearly disco-ish songs with infectious lyrics. I love nearly every track on this, so much so I even bough the CD ( gasp ).
The opener, Liam, gives a hint of what’s to come - a slow burn leading up to an beat that’s hard to forget:

One of my favorite songs from 2016 was Moody Mondays, with vocals from The Cut:

And then there is the epic title track, which he revealed to the world in 2015. It starts off quiet and then fairly explodes with energy and drive:

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