Friday, August 4, 2017

Anathema - Ghosts

I finally got my Google Music playlist finished for the June(!) 2017 AllMusic Editors' Choices. It is over 13 hours of music, with nearly 200 songs from the Alt, Rock, Pop, Country, Folk, Blues and Electronic genres. Well worth a listen!
One of my favorite tunes so far (done listening to about half the songs so far) is the song Ghost by the veteran Liverpool rockers Anathema. I guess they have changed their sound quite a bit over the past 30(!) years, from death/doom metal to the current introspective prog rock. And it is right up my alley. I immediately listened to the entire album, The Optimist and I think it will end up on my Top 10 album list. I guess it tells the tale of the unnamed protagonist from their 2001 release, A Fine Day To Exit, but each of the songs is a whole story unto itself. Ghost has Lee Douglas’ vocals hovering over a sad beat and dark piano, singing of, I think, a glimpse of the character:
Take after light
Start from the night
Tired and confused
Saw you. Saw you
Give it a listen:

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