Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rhett Miller

I remember when I first heard Rhett Miller (frontman for the Old97s). I had the cd player going (yup, an old fashioned 5 disc Sony CD player!) and it changed to a new CD and after a couple songs, I realized I neither knew who this was and I really liked it. Turned out it was a borrowed Rhett Miller CD, The Believer and it just has one great, clever pop tune after another. Singular Girl remains a great favorite of both myself and my girls, but there are lots of other gems on this CD. This quote from the All Music review of the album is perfect:

It's one of those albums that in five years you will pull out of the rack, pop in the deck and be delighted with.
SIngular Girl
Help Me, Suzanne

And here's a cut from the one Rhetter Miller CD I don't have, 2002's The Instigator. It's Come Around:

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