Friday, September 17, 2010

Vehement Flame #6 show notes

Vehement Flame #6 podcast show notes

A CD that just keeps getting better with every listen. You can download Bloodbuzz Ohio, a song making the rounds on the 'nets, from Stereogum, for instance.

00:00:54 Lemonworld - The National (High Violet 2010) @The_National

Hard to pick just one song from one of my all time favorite CDs. If you can catch either the DVD (Demon Days Live at Manchester) or the concert from Harlem I recorded on cable, you will get a real feel for Damon Albarn's vision for this "virtual hip-hop group". Both are excellent, and in some ways even better, reproductions of these great sounds.

00:05:01 Demon Days - Gorillaz (Demon Days 2005) @gorillazband

Would have loved to go see them at Deep Heaven Now - Ambient/Psych Rock Festival in Somerville MA, but unfortunately we were out of town.

This is Sarah Borges debut effort from 2007. Slightly more countrified than The Stars Are Out, with some great sounds.

00:13:19 Around 9 - Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles (Diamonds In The Dark 2007) @SBBS

Laura Veirs is a hard working singer who tours constantly. I keep meaning to take in a show but it hasn't happened yet.

00:17:51 To The Country - Laura Veirs & the Saltbreakers (Saltbreakers 2007) @lauraveirs

This Lilith Fair Best Of CD features a ton of great songs from such high caliber singers as Emilou Harris, Sinead O'Connor, Bonnie Raitt and more. But the unkonwn (to me) Dayna Manning took the Best of Best of honors for me with this stirring song.

00:22:54 I Want - Dayna Manning (Best of Lilith Fair 1997 to 1999 2010) @daynamanning

I don't know much about Richard McGraw but I got this via a free download from the late and lamented Amie Street web site and like it a lot.

00:27:39 Grace - Richard McGraw (Burying The Dead 2009) @Richard_McGraw

What a fantastic CD by the Beta Band's frontman, Steve Mason. His first solo effort knocks the ball out of the park with a ton of great songs, including this one, which is a free download from AmieStreet. Get it now, then buy the whole CD!

00:33:37 Lost And Found - Steve Mason (Boys Outside 2010) @SteveMasonKBT

While I'm sure I had heard this song before, it was hearing it on the Rushmore (an otherwise okay movie) that brought it back to mind. Really a lot of fun. The double CD Greatest Hits collection is pretty good too, although this one is by far my favorite song on it.

00:39:13 Ooh La La - The Faces (The Definitive Rock Collection 2007)

Jim Stafford is apparently still singing his novelty hits!

00:43:03 Spiders and Snakes - Jim Stafford (Jim Stafford 1974)

This solo effort by Case (who also sings with The New Pornographers) was one of my top CDs of 2009.

00:46:10 Prison Girls - Neko Case (Middle Cyclone 2009) @neko_case

Yup, his dad's name is Bob. But Jakob has his own style and this is a great CD from from first to last.

00:52:04 Nothing But The Whole Wide World - Jakob Dylan (Women + Country 2010) @jakobdylan

You can find this song on a great free AmazonMP3 sampler, Dangerbird Amazon Sampler.

00:56:29 Disclaimer - The Dears (Missiles 2008) @TheDears

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