Thursday, October 28, 2010


Sometimes's Groove Salad station can get quite confusing! It plays some truly off the beaten track electronica, which I often play in the background as I program. Every now and then, a song really reaches out and grabs me and I have to find out more about it. This morning, it was a song listed by the artist (or artists?) "Faithless / Dusted", called Childhood, but no alumb name. Well, searching about for an artist with that name was fruitless but I did come across a group called Faithless. Further searching of the Faithless catalog and Wikipedia came to the rescue - there's a series of CDs called Back To Mine which has various artists compiling a list of songs they listen to. Faithless had Back To Mine #6, from 2007, and one of the cuts on it was a song by a group called Dusted, and they have a song called Childhood  from their (one and only?) 2001 release called When We Were Young (which actually featured a UK top 25 hit). Phew, that took a lot of dectective work!

And after all that, here's the cut:


And here's the minor hit, Always Remember to Respect and Honour Your Mother, Part One:

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