Monday, October 18, 2010

Erik Wollo

Grabbed a few new Amazon MP3 free samplers the other day:

Sarathan Records Indie Sampler
Sarathan Records Sunset Sampler
Experience Halloween: A Tunecore Music Sampler
Burning Building Fall 2010 Sampler for Amazon
Projekt: afar
Stones Throw Sampler [Explicit]
Young God Amazon Sampler

All of them were pretty solid (well, except the last 2, which were sort of thrash metal, not my cup o' tea), but nothing really stood out. I generally just play these while I'm working at the keyboard, so I don't really hear it all that closely. But every now and then a song makes me swap back and figure out who is doing it.

This time there was one - the last one on the Projekt: afar label sampler, by an artist called Erik Wøllo. He's a Norwegian composer of soundtracks and other electronica, whose discography goes back quite a ways. I really enjoyed this cut from his latest album, Gateway:

First Arrival

and on his web site you can find a few more free MP3 downloads, all of which are pretty good, but here's my favorite:

untitled 21

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