Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Info

I've created a new About... page, which you can find linked on the right. There you can find our new Twitter account for the podcast - @vehemntflame1 (can you believe that @vehementflame was already used? BTW, that's a One, not an Ell - perhaps a bad idea for a TwitterName...). We will post updates and notes to that account.

You can also email the podcast at [email protected] - man, is Google great! All this site management, email accounts, even domain names, at the flick of a wrist and either free or wicked cheap. Please be sure to leave comments here, or reply to @vehementflame1 with ideas, suggestions, catcalls and criticisms. Follow us there and we'll follow you back!

A shoutout to @rossruns for the great ideas already!

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