Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vehement Flame #3 show notes

Show Notes for Vehement Flame #3, the Humor-cast

In honor of Strange Powers, the documentary "10 years in the making", Vehement Flame #3 opens with Magnetic Fields and one of the funniest songs thus far this year:
You want what you've turned off turned on
You call it sunset, now it's dawn
You can't go 'round just saying stuff
Because it's pretty
And I no longer drink enough
To think you're witty
00:01:00 You Must Be Out Of Your Mind - Magnetic Fields (Realism 2010)
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This CD was one of my top ten from 2009, and is still in constant play. Even my daughters request it often.
00:04:10 All The Same To Me - Anya Marina (Slow & Steady Seduction: Phase II 2009)
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Download Girls Are Robots ep, Thirst While Drowning here.
00:07:19 DK World - Girls Are Robots (Thirst While Drowning 2010)
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While Vermillion Lies is either no more or at least on hiatus, the two sisters who made it up both have vibrant solo careers. Check out Kim and Zoe Boekbinder's home pages for lots of great sounds.
00:10:59 Global Warming - Vermillion Lies (What's In The Box 2008)
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The story of how Rodrigo and Gabriela went about trying to find their muse is inspiring. From members of a thrash rock band in Mexico to homeless buskers in Dublin, playing their music their way, it is the story of people passionate about their art. They fought efforts to change their sound and it is truly one of the most memorable sounds in all of music today. Orion is a tribute to their thrash rock days, as they cover this Metallica song. Be sure to buy their CDs, as each includes an extra bonus DVD of performance videos and cool "how we do it" videos.
00:15:25 Orion - Rodrigo y Gabriela (Rodrigo y Gabriela 2006)
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Another great song from this Australian studio project group was "Walking In The Rain", featuring the same odd voiced singing.
00:23:22 Hey St. Peter - Flash and the Pan (Flash And The Pan 1979)
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This Aussie group was a favorite in the 80s, including their alternative radio "hit", Solid Rock. This song is very evocative of Australia. I bought their Oceania CD while on vacation in Australia and it brings back warm memories every time I listen to it.
00:27:46 Every Passing Day - Goanna (Oceania 1985)
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County and Folk Segment

Hank Williams posthumously won the Pulizer Prize for his "pivotal role in transforming country music into a major musical and cultural force in American life." Always been a big fan and the 40 Greatest Hits double CD set is a definitive collections.
00:34:33 Long Gone Lonesome Blues - Hank Williams (40 Greatest Hits 1978)
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Lui is a local folk singing legend here in New England and I've seen her shows a number of times. I even have her autograph on my copy of the Baptism of Fire CD. Here she covers a classic Greg Brown song.
00:37:08 Rooty Toot Toot For The Moon - Lui Collins (Baptism Of Fire 1981)
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Lush was one of my favorite 4AD bands in the 90s and Lovelife one of my favorite CDs. Lots of great sounds on it.
00:42:14 Single Girl - Lush (Lovelife 1996)
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The previously played Vermillion Lies opened for Ms. Palmer at a great show a few years back. That concert wrapped up with a rousing version of Leeds United, with the whole card on hand for the song.
00:44:48 Leeds United - Amanda Palmer (Who Killed Amanda Palmer 2008)
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Vehement Flame's first listener request (thanks, MsRedPen!), Blonde Redhead really impresses with its repetoire. This CD, 23 (pronounced Two-Three), showcases their range, with every song sounding new. Hard to pick just one!
00:49:34 Silently - Blonde Redhead (23 2007)
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Smash Mouth also does All Star, the rousing opener in the first Shrek movie.
00:53:51 Walkin' On The Sun - Smash Mouth (Fush Yu Mang 1997

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