Monday, April 12, 2010

Vehement Flame #2 : Dark Side

00:00:23 When You're Falling by Afro Celt Sound System
00:05:37 The Great Gig In The Sky by Pink Floyd
00:10:41 Money by Brad Smith
00:17:36 Consuella by Tough On Tobacco
00:22:10 Dandelion by Charlotte Gainsbourgh
00:25:27 Rocket by Goldfrapp
00:29:31 Fly Me Away by Goldfrapp
00:33:53 Level 3 by Aspects Of Physics
00:41:18 Flashback by Danielle Dax
00:45:38 Clouds by The Go-Betweens
00:50:06 Careful With That Hat by Citay

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Peter Gabriel sings lead on this. It has a wonderful video:
00:00:23 When You're Falling - Afro Celt Sound System (Volume 3: Further in Time 2001)
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This album was on the Billboard 200 for a record 741 weeks, from 1973 to 1988. The SACD version of The Dark Side Of The Moon is an amazing thing to hear. Clare Torey, who's impromptu vocal stylings are featured, was granted co-songwriting credit for the song in 2004.
00:05:37 The Great Gig In The Sky - Pink Floyd The Dark Side Of The Moon 1973)
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 An incredible effort - a complete cover of Pink Floyd's The Dark Side Of The Moon into a form compatible with the original 8-bit Nintendo game console. You really ought to download this!
00:10:41 Money (Pink Floyd 8-bit NES cover) - Brad Smith

Tough on Tobacco, is a "humor-tinged pop-rock-reggae sextet from Mumbai". Download their album for free here
00:17:36 Consuella - Tough On Tobacco (The Happy Goat 2009)

One of those annoyingly multi-talented folks, Charlotte Gainsbourg is an awarding winning actress who just happens to make some great music. Daughter of French singer/songwriter/provocateur Sergei Gainsbourg and British actress Jane Birkin, she didn't let a small thing like a life-threatening brain injury from water skiing slow her down. Instead, she collaborates with Beck on "IRM" (which is French for "MRI"). Great sounds from my first repeat artist. I played Heaven Can Wait from "IRM" on Vehement Flame #1. I'd surely love to know how the collaboration between her and Beck worked. This is one CD you should pick up for real, as the booklet it comes with is pretty interesting, with snapshots of Beck & Ms. Gainsbourg's sessions.
00:22:10 Dandelion - Charlotte Gainsbourg  (IRM 2010)
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The newest CD from Goldfrapp is a flashback to frothy 80s synth pop. Fun.
00:25:27 Rocket - Goldfrapp (Head First 2010)
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Fly Me Away I first came across on a Music On Demand channel and it remains my favorite Goldfrapp song.
00:29:31 Fly Me Away - Goldfrapp (Supernature 2005)
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This electronica was found in a massive free download from Amie Street music download. An interesting paradigm, where music starts off free and then as it gets more popular, the price goes up. Sign up and you can download this "sampler" for free : crazyeyes sampler.
00:33:53 Level 3 - Aspects of Physics (Marginalized Information Forms 3: Other 2009)
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Listening to Gainsbourg's IRM made me think of Danielle Dax. She is also an actress, albeit just starring in the wonderfully weird The Company Of Wolves, a modern take on Little Red Riding Hood, complete with werewolves, starring a creepy Angela Lansbury. Good one, especially if you like werewolves!
My CD is called Inky Bloaters but it looks like it was re-released here in the US as Dark Adapted Eye, the same title as a Ruth Rendell mystery.
00:41:18 Flashback - Danielle Dax (Inky Bloaters 1987)
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The Go-Betweens seminal pop CD "16 Lovers Lane" benefited from the same sort of romantic friction that powered Fleetwood Mac's "Rumors", as the band members fell in and out of love with each. Fantastic CD, one of the best of the rock era. The newest packaging makes it a double CD, with a bunch of unreleased cuts from the sessions. Sadly, supremely talented Grant McLennan, one half of the main singer/songwriter Go-Betweens team, died a few years ago.
00:45:38 Clouds - The Go-Betweens (16 Lovers Lane 1988)
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Another one from's January list, it's the first time I had heard Citay, but they're a bit of a San Francisco legend I guess. A studio project of Ezra Feinberg, it includes players from lots of groups, including The Dry Spells. Great guitar sound! And download the MP3, courtesy of Citay themselves. I'm just such a fan of jangly guitars...
00:50:06 Careful With That Hat - Citay (Dream Get Together 2010)
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  1. Did you notice that the falling guy in the video was falling towards Boston but ended up 'landing' in London.